We Never Use Subcontractors, Which Gives You Better Results

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Do you need floor cleaning? Do you want to be absolutely sure the job will be done right? Call 3 N 1 Services. One of the things that sets us apart is that our team does all of our own work—we never subcontract out jobs. Having our owner/operator present for every job means tighter quality control and superior results. Customer service and quality workmanship are our top priorities, so you can always look forward to carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, marble polishing, and more that goes above and beyond what our competitors provide. Contact 3 N 1 Services today to book your appointment!  On top of doing good work, we charge some of the lowest prices in town for our floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. That’s another place where keeping the work in-house pays off: you can trust that you’re paying for our expertise, rather than paying us to pay someone else to clean your carpet for you. Honesty and respect matter to us. With 3 N 1 Services as your go-to carpet cleaning company in the local region, you’re in good hands.  Have questions? We’ll be happy to give you more information over the phone, so contact us now!

Mexican Tile Floors

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IMG_0624Don’t like the color of your grout?  Well we can change that!  Look at this amazing transformation of this mexican tile floor.  Why spend big money replacing your floors?  When all you need is 3N1 Services to restore your floors, give us a call at 954-821-7880, and see how we can help.IMG_0625

Paper Towels?

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Tossing in the Towel
It happens all the time in a typical household. You grab a paper towel — or two, or three — to wipe up a mess when something is spilled. That’s what paper towels are for, right?

But something else you might have experienced using paper towels is for polishing your nice granite countertop, rubbing and scrubbing but still seeing streaks on the surface. You keep going until you have exhausted not only your stock of paper towels, but your own energy as well.

And what about the mirrors and windows in your home? Have you ever sprayed them with window cleaner and no matter how much you rubbed and scrubbed with a paper towel, you still saw those little swirly marks?

Of course. Happens all the time!

We have nothing against paper towels. We all use them and need them. But there is a better choice when it comes to cleaning many of the surfaces in your home.

What’s that better choice? A “microfiber” cloth or towel, and it solves all kinds of cleaning challenges.

Microfibers are amazing things. They are normally made from polyester, sometimes with other fibers added, and can be reused again and again and again with normal laundering. (Just don’t use fabric softener as that leaves a residue on the towel.)

The word “micro” is key: Tiny filaments that act like thirsty grime-seeking sponges. Microfibers are soft and eagerly grab dirt, spills and more, leaving the surface sparkling clean. Those shiny surfaces in your home are perfect for microfibers.

Bonus: Anyone who believes in cleaning “green” and recycling should consider using microfibers. They are environmentally a superior choice. You can purchase them from virtually any store that sells cleaning products. Try them out.

So toss in the towel — the paper one, anyway.

Proper Area Rug Cleaning

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Your Rug Deserves Some Pampering
DID YOU KNOW that a valuable area rug in your home is virtually crying out for some comfort?

When people start installing more hard floors in homes, the first thing many of them do is cover those floors with soft area rugs. Some of these rugs cost thousands of dollars, and they need their own special protection.

A rug pad designed and sized specially for your area rug (or rugs, if you are fortunate enough to have several in your home) is the protection they need and deserve.

Why go with a quality rug pad? Because they:

1. Add cushioning and comfort for you

2. Can add years to the life of a rug

3. Protects the flooring beneath the rug

4. Prevents the rug from slipping and you from falling!

Besides a rug pad, your area rug needs regular cleaning.

Don’t wait for your rug to cry out, “Please help!” It needs a pad of its own, right now. Give it the protection it needs, and enjoy that rug for many years to come.

You’ll Be Floored by the Results of Our Tile and Grout Cleaning

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The right tools make all the difference when it comes to getting built-up grime off of tile floors and out of grout lines. That’s why you can scrub and scrub and hardly make a dent in the dirt using regular old elbow grease. But bring in 3 N 1 Services and our specialized equipment for tile and grout cleaning, and you’ll see dramatic results.  We start by moving and covering your furnishings to protect them from damage. Then we get down to the business of revitalizing your tile and grout with our one-two punch of gentle tile cleaning mix followed by a powerful turbo tool for superior outcomes. This truck-mounted tile and grout cleaning system destroys the dirt without harming your floors. Even the grungiest tile and grout turn out spotless thanks to the 170-degree water working at a force of 900-1,000 psi. Once the dirt is removed from your floors, 3 N 1 Services can take the next step to reseal your grout and safeguard the surface against future soiling. In fact, with an annual regimen of tile and grout cleaning as well as sealing, you can help your floor look its best for a long time to come. At 3 N 1 Services, we are available to treat many types of tile flooring, including ceramic, porcelain, Mexican tiles, and more. We also clean and seal colored grout, helping to restore your floor’s beauty. So minimize your labor while maximizing the appearance and longevity of your tile flooring and grout. Make us your source in South Florida for impeccable tile and grout cleaning!

Upholstery Cleaning

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IMG_0943  WOW!  Look at the clean side of getting all of your upholstery cleaned!  Your upholstery may or may not be this soiled?  But regular up keep will and can help your upholstery last a very long time, one must take care of your things, then your things will take care of you.  Give us a call at 954-821-7880, and see what we can do for your upholstery.

Stone Top Restoration

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IMG_0311counter  Check out this before and after of a stone top, the customer was very concerned about this top as it was expensive because of the type of stone and it was on his patio, which where the issues came as far as the weather, sun, and other issues that was wearing this top down.  I assured him that we  could help, I told him what we could do, gave a price to restore, he agreed, and off we went to work on it.  We deep scrubbed, rinsed, dried, and applied 4-5 coats of a quality sealer to protect!  Came out great!

Tile & Grout Cleaning/Color Sealing

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IMG_0352  This particular job, the customer knew they wanted to restore their tile, but a regular cleaning would not have worked.  That is why on every estimate we do a sample so the customer can see what the job will be like before any work is done.  This floor was from the late 80’s, and we restored it to new again!  The customers were so grateful of our work!  Give us a call at 3N1 Services for all of your floors needs, we also do a number of other home services.  Such as Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Professional Area Rug Cleaning, & Complete Stone Restoration.

Annual Cleaning Is a Must for Keeping Area Rugs Like New

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Are your area rugs looking a bit worse for wear? Don’t rush to the store to replace your favorite rug. Your area rugs can be rolled up and sent off to 3 N 1 Services for professional cleaning to restore their fresh, clean appearance! Done at least once a year, our area rug treatment is an efficient and effective way to maintain the condition of your home’s rugs for the long run. In addition to washing and sanitizing both sides of your area rugs, we can also take this opportunity to repair any damage and restore fringe, if necessary. At our state-of-the-art facility in South Florida, we can put your rug through a positively pampering restoration process, making it look and smell as though it’s fresh from the showroom floor. It would be a shame to throw out and replace area rugs that fit your space perfectly. So never assume your rugs are beyond cleaning. You’ll be surprised and delighted by the excellent results we’re able to achieve on all kinds of area rugs. From Oriental rugs to machine-made rugs, we’ll rid your rugs of dirt, stains, pet odors, and even major wear and tear. At 3 N 1 Services, our team is happy to give you a free, upfront estimate on area rug cleaning and restoration, including pickup and delivery in one competitive price. When you need an area rug cleaner in the local area, simply give our team a call. If your rugs are starting to look soiled, don’t even think about going rug shopping until you contact the pros at 3 N 1 Services. Year after year, we can keep your area rugs in impeccable shape with our swift, affordable area rug cleaning. Come find out why we’re one of South Florida’s favorite rug cleaners. Experience our service-with-a-smile today!

Restore the Shine With Our Professional Marble Polishing Expertise!

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It’s time to restore your marble floors and other surfaces! Time and routine wear can cause your marble to start looking dull, lackluster, and dingy, but with 3 N 1 Services on the job, you can return your marble to shining beauty once again. Our professional marble polishing services are designed to grind and hone away scratches of any depth, leaving you with a gleaming surface. So what are you waiting for? Call in our experts today! The 3 N 1 Services team has more than 25 years of experience providing precision marble polishing services at competitive prices. We understand that marble is a delicate stone, and we work carefully to ensure that the grinding and polishing process is implemented completely and correctly to bring out the natural beauty of your stone floor or other surface. We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable, and our professionals are committed to maintaining a clean work area while we’re in your home or business. Marble polishing is an effective way to preserve your marble for years to come. We are available to restore a wide range of marble surfaces, including: Floors Vanities and countertops Shower surrounds Wherever you have marble We proudly work with both homes and businesses in Broward County and Palm Beach County, and we’re happy to provide you with a free estimate for the marble restoration services you need. Call now to speak with a 3 N 1 Services professional about how we can make your marble sparkle once again!