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05/07/2016 – L Cummings
3N1 Services professionally cleaned my entire house which is being prepared for selling and therefore was vacant, so there was a lot of carpet to clean. I didn’t want to buy new carpet before selling, I was hoping I could get it clean enough not to be embarrassed by it. My carpet is extremely old, probably about 15 years old was very dirty and had paint and other stains from many years of use. I explained that I didn’t expect miracles on the old carpeting, after all it was 15 years old. The technician spent hours cleaning, deodorizing and treating the stains and I was amazed at how clean it looks and smells. The paint drips were actually removed as well as the stains. He really worked hard, it was a very large carpeted area with a sunken living room and a very large hallway and entry and 2 bedrooms. I was extremely pleased and appreciative of his hard work and will definitely use his services in the future 🙂
Description of work:
Cleaned carpet in entire house.
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $240
Work Completed Date: 04/26/2016
Hire Again: Yes
L Cummings
3921 East Lake Place
Miramar, FL 33023
Service Provider Response:Edit
This was a very old shag carpet, that had a ton of neglect, we had to scrub it first to break up all of the dirt/stains, then we hit it with our truck mounted system, came out much better, but the traffic areas were really worn down.