3N1 Services FAQ

What types of services does your company offer?

Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug washing/rug repairs, tile & grout cleaning, grout color sealing, shower restorations, and marble & stone restoration.

Why should I hire 3N1 services?

You should hire us because we've been in business since 1994 (years of experience), the owner is on every job, we still believe in doing quality work, customer satisfaction, and we have close to 2,000 online reviews!

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates, especially for tile or marble cleaning. In most cases I do samples; that way a customer can see how the job will look before any work is done!

How much experience in the industry do you have?

We have 25 plus years of experience in this industry.

What types of marble and stone do you restore?

We restore any type of stone or marble, including travertine, saturnia, crema marfil, limestone, Italian marble, any color, any shape, including tops & vanities.

What are the benefits of having my marble or stone floors restored vs getting new floors?

The cost! It's so much better to maintain what you have, even if you replace? It still will come a time it will need maintenance as well. Not only that the dust, mess, and down time in your home if you we're to dig up your existing floor!

Does restoration bring back shine and/or remove scratches?

Yes, our restoration process WILL restore the shine to better than original, and remove scratches!

What is the process for stone/marble floor restoration? How long does it take?

The process for most stone restorations is to diamond grind, polish, buff, and seal. This is all a wet water process that would normally take a day to complete. Included in the service we will cover all baseboards, appliances, wood, and carpets with plastic to protect. Also includes removing & replacing any furniture. We also do repairs, like filling in holes etc.... etc....

I have allergies. Does this process create excess dust?

Our process is a wet water process which means no dust is involved.

It is safe for my pets and/or children to be in the home?

Yes, it is safe for pets and children to be in the home. Usually pets and people are in a different room, away from the work area. Also, when we are done the customer can walk on the floor.

Is there maintenance I should be performing on my floor?

Yes, there is maintenance that should be done between professional cleanings, like weekly mopping, felts under furniture (do not drag anything on a floor), use a Spin Mop system, a Neutral Floor Cleaner (2 ounces per gallon) or just plain warm water when it comes to a marble floor.